Monday, 24 July 2017



 (see if I give water to flowers daily ,they glow and looks so beautiful but if I will  give them something which may cause opposite chemical reaction in them then the flower will die, same thing happens with our mind,we can't keep filling world class criminals habits and their crimes in our peaceful mind, it will cause 100% mess in our mind, See we live only 60-70 years of our life, so will you waste these years by watching this stuff all the time,


Let me give you my example, I was advised by many peoples to read newspaper daily, it's a good habit they said but I think it's a commercial slogan of news industries, I read newspaper for two years and I start feeling everything happening around is bad, I always think today something bad can happen to me because I read a different kind of news and it creates fear in me of living life to the fullest, SEE HOW THESE THINGS EFFECT OUR MINDSET, so I stopped reading and watching news and now the world for me is more peaceful place, no criminal stories in my mind, and it also creates sensitivity in us about the peoples around us and we become more caring about our neighbour instead of fearing them, and that fear only and only created by watching those world class crimes in news headlines

 So friends let's decide our life should be controlled by ourselves, one pain you want to remove from your life can be STOP WATCHING CRIME NEWS AND POLITICS SPEECH, I want to aware you about politician, these do for country no doubt but their speeches can left you messed up, believe me, these media hangovers are worst, so leave these things today and have a peaceful life).

Let me tell you one thing, don't feel uncomfortable if you stop reading news article, if someone asks hey did you read that news then just give light respose         ( because that time you will be thinking about your loved ones, not the criminals or another aggressive news article )