Sunday, 16 July 2017


Children are the source of happiness of our families. Our all hard work means worth when we come from work and see our children happy. At that time our heart says us that's the reason I am here, our children are that torch which guides our mind and shows a clear goal of life.


As long as we understand our children importance, we also need to understand some facts about children.

Some facts

Children live in their own world and it is as big as our world.It is limitless. But there is a difference, we have walls around us created by people, religion or have fears but children don't live this kind of life. They love everything around us and have no walls of fear. 

Many times we compromise with ourselves and let the children do what they want just to see them happy. Children don't put the price tag on things which they like. Doesn't matter whether the thing is of 100$ or 1000$. we should not try to teach them to judge things on the basis of money or other things. These habits can bound their potential to communicate properly. 

Learning is a continuous process and these things apply to your children of any age group and with this, a parent role also never ends.

Lots of love to all families out there :]

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