Tuesday, 18 July 2017


There is no other stronger relation than a relation of a mother and her baby.After 9 months of pregnancy and going through delivery, when a mother takes her baby in her arm for the first time her all pain vanishes. Giving birth to a baby is the biggest gift God has given us.

Culture of taking care

We need to keep an eye on rules of healthy feeding, sleeping, and development of our baby, as we want our child to be healthy and happy and besides it, its need of the hour to give a healthy and peaceful environment for baby.

For good health of baby offer breast milk and food until baby become 2 years or even older as recommended by W.H.O. When your baby eats properly, give her lots of praises in response. Don't offer dessert as a reward.This makes sweeter foods seems more appealing.You also need to limit some foods such as processed or pre-made snacks, crisps, fried food, pastries, cakes, and biscuits.

Proper and healthy sleep is also essential for baby and for her parents too. So it is advised that baby should sleep close to mom so that she can feed the baby on demand and babies feels comfortable when sleeps close to mom and know's she's there to meet her needs. 

For good development of baby we need to keep an eye on some facts like that are we providing a sense of security to the baby. Keep business words separate from baby activities. Turn off the TV and enhance baby activities with toys. Talk to your baby and help her start to develop language and give your baby what she needs.