Monday, 17 July 2017


It is said that Children are always in constant learning mode. They copy the actions which they see and their nature depends on what kind of information they gather or hear.

There is also a fact that children cannot manage the environment around them, It's our Duty. They look towards us to fulfil their all needs.So we have to be careful at these points.

Children Behavior shows whether they are relaxing or stressed.So keep watch on your child behavior. When we say our children ''stop behaving that way'', we actually give them an impression of ''not showing their problem they are facing at that time''.

In today's world, we have all services which we can provide to our children, but at the same time today's world also somehow ruin our children childhood. Most children spend their childhood inside building rather than playing in their home garden and yards and exploring the outer environment. Sounds of TVs, vehicle, speakers do not come in child's understanding equations, they just want to play with their hands and giving them electronic devices can ruin their health. For their good childhood, they need to walk in open space not sitting and using electronic devices which can harm their eye sight and mental health.