Monday, 24 July 2017


There is no doubt that some times families have to go through some problems and some families face these problems strongly but some families get out of this trouble difficulty. So question is, where the difference lies? what is that special thing which the first family do and it survive that trouble with the smile on face, on the other hand, the second family finds it difficult to handle the situation? Its answer lies in the roots of a problem. We will now discuss these problems and will try to analyse it because understanding the problem root causes in depth is the only key to overcome your problems. For example, a swimmer can swim better than normal people because he knows how to make perfect postures and utilise the breadth during the swimming and he will swim for a long time than a normal person. So understanding the format and cause of the origin of a problem becomes necessary for us to deal with every unfavourable situation.

Let's see some problems occur in family and ideas to handle it peacefully:


You need to understand what is the nature of alcoholic person first, so that you can break some of your expectations regarding that person, because it will make you more easy to handle that person and you will not get demoralised as you already know this will happen. Let's see what  alcoholic person do but don't know the bad effects of it deeply. Alcoholic person don't care about its partner as much, Best thing is to do deal with this situation is to know why the person is doing this. The reasons can be not  reaching to goals of his/her life, may be hidden expectations related to family or children which are not happening his/her way, or mental illness or reading hatefull articles which most people fails to figure out whether the given article can change our peace of mind if we read some hatefull material, in today's world media is also responsible for making common peoples uncomfortable by showing some crimes happening across different countries on daily basis.Try to make believe alcoholic person that whatever happens is for good reason, if he failed make him believe that humans do mistake, no one is perfect and life is too short to see what  happend behind, say him no one cares for anyone so you should also not care about anything which may hurted you ( ITS LIKE HANDLING A UNSTABLE CHILD BUT KEEP PUTTING GOOD THINGS IN HIS MIND CAREFULLY AND SMARTLY SO THAT HE DONT GET IRRITAED BUT START LISTENING TO YOU CAREFULLY,make him believe by saying these things again and  again every time and motivate him to live a different life together.

There are some other problems happens in familiy such as:

Separation and Divorce

I can't say much about it, because these things happen very rarely and cases are mostly who don't truely love each other and just married for money or sex. We need to understand that, for a life time happy family you must invest your more time on who really loves you and your heart from his/her heart, not for your body or money. In  these relations separation and divorce cases are  0 %.

Overprotective parents can also make trouble in family environment. You have to give your children access to the things which they like or their hobby to do, it will make them more creative.

There are also some parents who fight, these parents need to understand one fact deeply that it will create negative effect in their children mind and love link will slip out from their brain and when they will grow, they will also act like same with there partners and will live a trouble life.

I just want to say be positive towards life, God dont give everything to anyone, so be happy whatever you have and say to yourself am happy and comfortable with whatever i have right now, nothing else matter to me.



 (see if I give water to flowers daily ,they glow and looks so beautiful but if I will  give them something which may cause opposite chemical reaction in them then the flower will die, same thing happens with our mind,we can't keep filling world class criminals habits and their crimes in our peaceful mind, it will cause 100% mess in our mind, See we live only 60-70 years of our life, so will you waste these years by watching this stuff all the time,


Let me give you my example, I was advised by many peoples to read newspaper daily, it's a good habit they said but I think it's a commercial slogan of news industries, I read newspaper for two years and I start feeling everything happening around is bad, I always think today something bad can happen to me because I read a different kind of news and it creates fear in me of living life to the fullest, SEE HOW THESE THINGS EFFECT OUR MINDSET, so I stopped reading and watching news and now the world for me is more peaceful place, no criminal stories in my mind, and it also creates sensitivity in us about the peoples around us and we become more caring about our neighbour instead of fearing them, and that fear only and only created by watching those world class crimes in news headlines

 So friends let's decide our life should be controlled by ourselves, one pain you want to remove from your life can be STOP WATCHING CRIME NEWS AND POLITICS SPEECH, I want to aware you about politician, these do for country no doubt but their speeches can left you messed up, believe me, these media hangovers are worst, so leave these things today and have a peaceful life).

Let me tell you one thing, don't feel uncomfortable if you stop reading news article, if someone asks hey did you read that news then just give light respose         ( because that time you will be thinking about your loved ones, not the criminals or another aggressive news article )

Tuesday, 18 July 2017


There is no other stronger relation than a relation of a mother and her baby.After 9 months of pregnancy and going through delivery, when a mother takes her baby in her arm for the first time her all pain vanishes. Giving birth to a baby is the biggest gift God has given us.

Culture of taking care

We need to keep an eye on rules of healthy feeding, sleeping, and development of our baby, as we want our child to be healthy and happy and besides it, its need of the hour to give a healthy and peaceful environment for baby.

For good health of baby offer breast milk and food until baby become 2 years or even older as recommended by W.H.O. When your baby eats properly, give her lots of praises in response. Don't offer dessert as a reward.This makes sweeter foods seems more appealing.You also need to limit some foods such as processed or pre-made snacks, crisps, fried food, pastries, cakes, and biscuits.

Proper and healthy sleep is also essential for baby and for her parents too. So it is advised that baby should sleep close to mom so that she can feed the baby on demand and babies feels comfortable when sleeps close to mom and know's she's there to meet her needs. 

For good development of baby we need to keep an eye on some facts like that are we providing a sense of security to the baby. Keep business words separate from baby activities. Turn off the TV and enhance baby activities with toys. Talk to your baby and help her start to develop language and give your baby what she needs.

Monday, 17 July 2017


It is said that Children are always in constant learning mode. They copy the actions which they see and their nature depends on what kind of information they gather or hear.

There is also a fact that children cannot manage the environment around them, It's our Duty. They look towards us to fulfil their all needs.So we have to be careful at these points.

Children Behavior shows whether they are relaxing or stressed.So keep watch on your child behavior. When we say our children ''stop behaving that way'', we actually give them an impression of ''not showing their problem they are facing at that time''.

In today's world, we have all services which we can provide to our children, but at the same time today's world also somehow ruin our children childhood. Most children spend their childhood inside building rather than playing in their home garden and yards and exploring the outer environment. Sounds of TVs, vehicle, speakers do not come in child's understanding equations, they just want to play with their hands and giving them electronic devices can ruin their health. For their good childhood, they need to walk in open space not sitting and using electronic devices which can harm their eye sight and mental health.

Sunday, 16 July 2017


Children are the source of happiness of our families. Our all hard work means worth when we come from work and see our children happy. At that time our heart says us that's the reason I am here, our children are that torch which guides our mind and shows a clear goal of life.


As long as we understand our children importance, we also need to understand some facts about children.

Some facts

Children live in their own world and it is as big as our world.It is limitless. But there is a difference, we have walls around us created by people, religion or have fears but children don't live this kind of life. They love everything around us and have no walls of fear. 

Many times we compromise with ourselves and let the children do what they want just to see them happy. Children don't put the price tag on things which they like. Doesn't matter whether the thing is of 100$ or 1000$. we should not try to teach them to judge things on the basis of money or other things. These habits can bound their potential to communicate properly. 

Learning is a continuous process and these things apply to your children of any age group and with this, a parent role also never ends.

Lots of love to all families out there :]

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